Who Are Humbercare?

Humbercare was established to work with the Humberside Probation Trust. We work to: educate, rehabilitate and promote the mental and moral improvement of offenders, or any other persons in need and the rehabilitation of persons discharged from penal institutions. Humbercare received charitable status during 1989 and became a company limited by guarantee in October of that year. Humbercare came from a desire to be able to offer additional help and assistance to offenders and those at risk to reduce the risk of re-offending through local projects.

Humbercare is managed by a Chief Executive Officer and a voluntary Management Committee. Humbercare is an enabling organisation dedicated to providing quality and innovative services to adults and young people. It is Humbercare's belief that all people should have the opportunity to realise their full potential, improve skills, optimise their life chances and become responsible members of the community.

Humbercare works in partnership with many voluntary and not-for-profit organisations, as well as: Kingston upon Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire, North Lincolnshire, North East Lincolnshire and other statutory agencies.

Our areas of focus include: rehabilitation and resettlement, mentoring and volunteer befriending services, advice, information and guidance, education, employment and training, housing related support, client involvement, supported lodgings services, positive use of time and integration into the wider community.

We work closely with Hull University and Lincoln University and have social work students on placement.

Our successes

Service user experience

By being involved in the Humbercare drama group I was given the chance to help write the script; which gave me the opportunity to use skills I had never been able to use since being at school.

We then went on to show our play at the Hull Truck Theatre and never in a million years would I have believed I would be stood there being applauded by over a hundred people. The Involvement Service is such a brilliant thing for all clients involved and no one else provides this anywhere else in Hull.

Volunteering Befriending Service

I had a long history of homelessness and substance misuse. In August 2011 I was handed a twelve month Intensive Alternative to Custody order. I was assessed for my suitability for mentoring support and had an initial assessment with Humbercare. At the assessment I was very emotional as I felt I could not cope with my situation any longer; I had very limited support and a lack of positive role models in my life. I was assigned a mentor who asked me about my concerns. Due to bad experiences with health professionals I was not registered with a doctor but my mentor helped me set up a health check and talk through my concerns with the doctor. Despite my issues I kept all of my appointments and began to improve my outlook. My mentor built up a good relationship with my Offender Manager and through us all working together my life began to improve. I now have a flat of my own and with my mentor's support I have applied for a Community Care Grant and set up a budgeting plan that will help me achieve my goal of living independently. I am sticking to my plan and planning for my future. Humbercare's Housing Related Support Team is now involved with me and soon I will be starting an exit plan so that my mentor can withdraw and leave me with a Support Worker who will help maintain my tenancy. I feel happier than I have for years, feel like I have a purpose and I know the support is there if I need it.

Service user experience

My involvement with Humbercare's services has helped me mix with other people, share experiences and have moral support from other group members. I have developed my skills in learning, being a member of the drama group, I had to learn the script for a production; this helped me with remembering information that was essential to everyday life. Being involved in the publishing of Humbercare newsletters gave me the opportunity to share my experiences, to help others and to understand where I had gone wrong in life. Humbercare let us use computers to produce newsletters which increased my interest in trying to learn how to correctly use a computer. I have now undertaken a CLAIT course. I would never have dreamed of being able to sit in a classroom full of strangers again but the confidence I gained through the involvement service has helped me do this and made me a better person.

Service user experience

I have been a member of the Involvement Service and attended several of the groups they provide. It has helped me with my isolation; having no family and friends it has improved how I manage to socialise with people. I have definitely moved forward with the help of Humbercare’s involvement service as it is different to the general support, I have improved my confidence and self-esteem been able to do activities that I would never have done without their help. As a client representative I also went to London to attend a conference. This gave me a whole new look at how other people lead their lives in such a busy place and made me think how lucky I am living where I do. The involvement service is always trying to move us out of our comfort zones, which I found very difficult at first, but now I see what a benefit it has been for me and other group members.