Social Worker in Training Placements at Humbercare

Social Workers in Training - Student Placements

Humbercare can offer social workers in training, a range of suitable thought-provoking learning opportunities which enable them to demonstrate proficiency meeting the domains outlined in the Professional Capabilities Framework. 

There are a range of varied opportunities which assist social workers in training to develop interpersonal skills, connect theory to practice and learn from highly skilled and experienced staff.  A full structured induction process, includes shadowing opportunities, the provision of learning materials designed specifically for the students ensures that they understand their role and the role of the organisation. 

There will be opportunities to access quality internal and external training in a range of subjects including: children and adult safeguarding, drug and alcohol awareness and much more. Social workers in training are actively encouraged to research partnership agencies and undertake shadowing sessions with them should the opportunity arise.  Regular supervision is provided on a one to one basis and in group sessions, which provides the opportunity for peer learning.  Our Practice Educators’ are trained to high standards and are experienced at delivering Practice Education, they are HCPC registered and meet the requirements of the Practice Educator Professional Standards for stage two.  Members of the staff team who social workers in training work alongside are very welcoming and are happy to share their knowledge and skills and assist with the day-to-day support needs through informal supervision. 

Social Worker Experiences at Humbercare

Humbercare is a client centred enabling agency.  During a placement with Humbercare social workers in training have the opportunity to work as a member of a team which supports adults who have complex needs.  Social workers in training will have the opportunity to develop professional working relationships with adults and young people through one-to-one and group work settings.  They will assist adults and young people providing advice and guidance to individuals enabling them to make informed choices with a range of issues including access to employment, training, education, employment, housing and finance issues including budgeting.

During the placement they will also learn to identify agencies within the voluntary and statutory sector who are able to provide specialist support to clients’ who have more complex issues including: emotional well-being, domestic abuse, debt, mental health issues and addiction.

Social workers in training will be actively involved in a range of statutory tasks, processes and professional meetings which include: child protection, child in need; multi-agency public protection arrangement (MAPPA).  By liaising and working closely with other professionals in both the statutory and voluntary sector social workers in training will provide appropriate knowledge-based informed interventions in relation to the client led assessment.

Social workers in training will have the opportunity to carry out and complete risk assessments both, home and personal (across projects) opportunities to plan, manage and assess risk.

There will be opportunities to bring into practice a range of social work tools, eco maps, life story work, esteem and confidence building, anger management and life skills.  They will have the opportunity to develop and review support plans, develop and facilitate group work and advocacy work.

Why choose Humbercare?


  • Provide empathic support from on-site practice educators, qualified and experienced on site supervisors.
  • Offer generous training opportunities.
  • Include you as a valued member of the team.
  • Give encouragement to learn, grow and develop.
  • Assist adults and young people to 'facilitate positive change'.
  • Connect prior learning to practice.
  • Understand and embrace theoretical practice.
  • Offer the time to research, keeping a daily practice journal and write reflections; all within working hours.
  • Truly make a difference.

A voluntary sector placement makes it less likely that you will get a statutory job.

In the last year, 60% of students have successfully gained ‘newly qualified social worker posts' in statutory settings including East Riding of Yorkshire, Hull, Lincolnshire and North East Lincolnshire Social Services, Youth Offending and Probation teams.

The following opportunities will be available in these areas:

Head Office - Hull

  • Housing Related Support Service
  • Young People's Services