Chrysalis Housing Service

Humbercare’s Chrysalis Housing provides accommodation and a low level of support. There are no limitations regarding the length of time the tenant can stay in this accommodation.

We own the lease, manage and maintain our housing. This includes:

  • Housing management
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Arranging lettings and mutual exchanges
  • Providing support for tenants to maintain accommodation
  • Working with tenants and communities

Tenant Support

Support to set up or move into accommodation:

  • Organise utility services such as gas, electricity, water
  • Support to access essential items for home

Support to manage and maintain current accommodation:

  • Advice on how to maintain and manage independent accommodation
  • Support to maintain essential utilities
  • Support to access home repairs
  • Facilitate good neighbour relations
  • Support to claim and maximise state benefits where appropriate, to maximise income
  • Support the individual to make regular and appropriate payment of bills, including utilities, rent/ council tax etc
  • Support in reducing debt and accessing specialist debt services where necessary

Help in establishing and/ or maintaining personal health, safety, well-being and security:

  • Supporting privacy within the home
  • Arrange the fitting of locks and intruder alarms if required
  • Support to register with a GP, dentist etc
  • Liaison with appropriate teams such as the Council’s Home Safety Team, well-being and security
  • Support to access adaptation’s if required
  • Support to liaise with other agencies concerning personal health, safety, well-being and security
  • Support to access specialist advice or other appropriate support agencies where necessary

Support in developing independent living skills:

  • Support in developing skills such as cooking, nutritional awareness, shopping, cleaning, washing, ironing, and the safe use if domestic equipment (which includes understanding the need for regular servicing of this equipment)
  • Support with appropriate correspondence e.g. bills and appointments

Promote Social Inclusion:

  • Signpost to local community or other appropriate organisations to promote social inclusion, health, safety and well-being
  • Support to access training, voluntary work or employment